Bastia (centre-ville)

Columbus Café & Co (Bastia)

Here, we live, we share, we enjoy !

Columbus Café is a human adventure (we agree, this is very important).

We cultivate the spirit of the coffee shop next door and the love of good taste. On both sides of the counter.

Behind our big-hearted bear, you will find committed men and women, baristas who share their know-how as well as their good humour, passionate producers and entrepreneurs who are also fellow travellers.

At Columbus Café, we are proud to welcome and share all the moments of your life, the simple, the great, the memorable, the gourmet…

Here, we live, we share, we enjoy.

Gourmet food for everyone! We offer vegetarian alternatives in our savoury recipes and plant-based alternatives for our milk drinks. Who wants an almond latte?

HERE, WE ARE AUTHENTIC! We are committed to having good products, simple products, with good sugar and good fat in our sweet and savoury products (we remain greedy).




5 Rue César Campinchi.