Jewellery was not my field at all at first, I worked a lot on fabrics for making bags and clothes. When I designed the A Manuccia bracelet, I wanted to update the symbol of the hand that makes the horns to protect against cattiv’ochju. I mounted the medal on an elastic cord that slides, when I proposed it to a Bastia jewellery store, they loved it. From then on, I went on to jewellery that I wanted to wear every day, jewellery that we even keep to sleep or in the shower: skin jewellery. I work alone, I draw my inspiration from Corsican popular expressions. Thus were born the “bracciadetti”: bracelets with Corsican messages. I also design necklaces, chokers, I like to work with stones like coral, black onyx, freshwater pearls. Women are my best ambassadors but men also wear my jewellery and soon a new creation for babies, to follow on