Aux alentours de Bastia

Elisa Di Giò

Identity, character and values: three words in golden letters, imbued with history and feelings, of which we must make ourselves universal guardians, to anchor this precious memory in modernity...

It is around this founding authenticity that the first collection by elisa di giò is articulated, deploying a lush iconographic island culture, with feminine features, in sweetness as in turmoil. So many beauties and secrets of history highlighting the Corsican people and their sacred land.

The very roots of his family shape his history and feed his imagination. Her island is the most beautiful source of inspiration she could have hoped to have to develop a unique artistic universe through original creations and drawings. An engineer by training, Elisabeth Mattei is a young and passionate Corsican artist from Bastia who has decided to enter the world of design and fashion.

In his drawings, expressions of the gaze, facial features, attitudes reveal many elements about the experience of the models. The soul is difficult to define. However, this first collection gives Corsican gathers portraits of women whose features have been singularly in uenced at the same time by their naturalness, their generosity as well as a certain sacred dimension, inseparable from our Corsican rites. These resolutely modern women of character are distinguished by their difference, with clear ideas and solid values.

The mixed collection is available in t-shirts and cotton bags from local companies. It suits any style from casual chic to sportswear jeans to the timeless classic white classic that naturally matches the amber skins of all island lovers. Elisa Di Giò claims a signature apart, with this assumed idea of pictorial carried and exported. A work has no better echo than the one that makes it discover the world and makes it discover the world. An interweaving of art on an artist’s backdrop: a screen frame that carries the colours of Corsica and its rich culture high up.