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Isula Parfums

Artisan Creator of perfumes, home fragrances and Corsican candles.

Isula perfumes & Isula Casa

An emotion felt during a journey between sea and mountain, exhales the soul of the Corsican earth.

This is what Isula Parfums allows you to discover through its 100% handmade and natural perfumed creations.

Oliambru Beauty Balm with Corsican immortelle, the sun of the Island of Beauty on your skin.

A handcrafted production

Designed in 1970 by Mr Guy Cecchini, perfumer chemist.

The oldest beauty balm in Bastia.

It is composed of a complex of organic vegetable oils and organic essential oils working in synergy, carefully selected for their cosmetic properties and used for several centuries already.

In January 2020 all the secret formulas of Mr Cecchini were bought by Paolo and Stéphanie, two young passionate perfumers.

Having followed a long training course to learn the techniques and gestures of a know-how of more than 50 years useful for the elaboration of this cosmetic balm, mysterious like the Corsican maquis and surprising like the turquoise waters of the island of beauty. This takeover of the torch still holds many surprises and novelties in store for us as the formulas of this former perfume chemist are infinite ….




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