Bastia (centre-ville)

Kitsouné Bijoux Couture

"the couture jewelry" A small ornamental object, used as an ornament, the costume jewelry reveals another vision of the woman who wears it.

The magic happens and the appearance becomes Vision: the woman is an island of beauty, an invitation to travel… the poet was not mistaken! the emotion is pure.

The jewel is no longer an accessory, it is the magic formula of all aesthetic emotions: seduction!

“I am a self-taught woman who has always regarded jewellery as a fascinating object: it crystallizes femininity, between appearance and essence.

The creation of costume jewellery is particularly exciting as it allows imagination to run free and opens up multiple creative horizons.

Kitsouné (fox in Japanese) – a name chosen because of its resonance with my own surname – is based on a double concept combining sewing and jewellery. In my creations, Swarosky thread and crystal intertwine to create an aesthetic

Singular and poetic that feeds on the colours of our sublime Corsican landscapes. I am particularly fascinated by the green, an infinite reflection of the wave of our rivers that can be found in the sparkling emerald stone.

Entirely handmade, all my jewellery is designed to intertwine. and I hope to create a harmonious whole, modular according to your tastes and aspirations. the woman can thus be adorned, sublimated, and contain all the beauty of the world”.