Zainatti pays tribute to the Corsican bag called “u zanu” but also to the skin of this cow native to the Mediterranean region, mainly present in Corsica, “a Sainata”.

The designer designs, develops and manufactures in his workshop in Bastia, collections inspired by the luggage of Corsican transhumant communities. He redraws shapes, associates materials, thus mixing history and sensations.

Chance or destiny, it was at the Museum of Corsica that the creator first looked at “u zanu” and took inspiration from it to create a more contemporary version. Thus was born the brand’s “it bag”, the “Georges”, which is now distributed throughout the world. In collaboration with J. Abattucci, a breeder of “sainate” in Corsica, Zainatti made the first luggage in the history of leather goods made from full tiger skin. The other models are made from first choice leather from renowned French tanneries.

Often inspired by an island nomadic style, Zainatti now offers other collections that respect its codes and values.