Bastia (centre-ville)

Zia Antonia

once upon a time, there was a land of legends, mysterious and fascinating...

Your odyssey leads you to the shores of the Corsican soul. Beware of his spellbinding songs and spells. They could take you on the boat with their most powerful charms. For the love of her island, Zia Antonia has created a small collection of jewellery and lucky charms in her workshop in Bastia. The heart and soul of the Corsicans swing between pagan and religious rites, and more than just grey-gray, Zia Antonia makes you carry a story, a belief, a tradition.

You will thus discover the supernatural powers attributed to the elements

(coral, bread rolls, olive tree) if they have received a holy blessing. Often, pagan prayers with magical powers are also incorporated into church rituals. These stylish little lucky charms and jewellery are accompanied by a small trendy booklet where you will find traditional songs, stories and legends.

To slip on your wrist, to decorate your cleavage, to put in your bag or under your pillow. Let’s share a custom, a moment in our history, a promise of a better world, a secret… but shush!



5 avenue Maréchal Sebastiani – 1er étage