San Martino di Lota

Grandiose landscape

In a grandiose landscape embracing sea and forest, the village is spreqd out over a ridge amidst cultivated terraces....

The beautiful parish church dedicated to Saint Martin (San Martinu) dates from the 17th century. Its imposing nave in classical style adjoins a ruined chapel. Inside the sanctuary, you can see the beautiful altarpiece made by the monks of the convent of Mola. The church square:”U sacraziu”, is a sacred place. The deceased were originally buried inside the church, in the”Arca” (common grave). Then, due to lack of space, the burials were moved outside to the church square; the cemetery was not built until 1812. The tradition of Palm Sunday is very lively in this typical village. So the week before Palm Sunday, several inhabitants, one would be tempted to call them artists, braid palms that are shown on the day of the feast. The former convent of the Capuchin order, dating from the 17th century, was transformed into a castle in the 19th century by Count Cagninacci. (hamlet of Mola).

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