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Bastia and the wine route

Between rock and scrub, subjected to winds and aridity, the vine of Haute-Corse resists difficult conditions to express the best of itself! From Luri to Macinaggio, via Morsiglia to Patrimonio, meet these passionate winegrowers, representatives of three of the most beautiful PDOs of Corsican wines: the PDO Corse Coteaux du Cap Corse, the PDO Muscat-du-Cap-Corse and the PDO Patrimonio.

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Exquisite aromas

The wines of Haute-Corse and their grape varieties

If you enjoy rich, full-bodied red wines with aromas of liquorice and small red fruits; white wines with aromas of white flowers and citrus fruits; rosé wines with notes of spring fruits and subtle muscatels with candied fruit flavours, then the Haute-Corse wine route is for you! The composition of the soils of this superb region, calcareous and clayey, is conducive to the excellence of the quality of its grape varieties: Niellucciu, Vermentinu, Muscat Petit Grains, Sciaccarellu, Biancu Castile, Alicante… These wines, some of which have been sublimated by 3 to 7 years of maceration, offer exquisite aromas combining red fruits, wood notes or spices.

AOP Patrimonio

Immersion in the Patrimonio vineyard

Continue on the road to Cap Corse, passing through the Farinole navy and the cove of Fornali, towards the vineyards of the AOP Patrimonio. Located south of the Cap Corse in the junction of Bastia and Saint-Florent, the village of Patrimonio is an invitation to travel to the most beautiful vineyards of Upper Corsica. On nearly 500 hectares, the commune is surrounded by an eastern part composed of mountainous reliefs and a more hilly western part, favourable to the cultivation of the vine. The soil, rich in limestone, schist and granite, licked by the sun and sea spray, gives the wines of Patrimonio all their richness and typicity, concentrated around the Nielluciu, Malvoisie and Sciaccarellu grape varieties. The AOP Patrimonio is represented by 37 cellars or cellars, to be discovered over 60 kilometres, from Saint-Florent to Patrimonio via Oletta. These noble and natural wines inspire a certain art of living! Do not hesitate, during your stroll, to make a stop in these estates, where the winegrowers, will be pleased to make you taste with passion the fruit of their work.

The vine of Haute-Corse resists difficult conditions to express the best of itself!
Cap Corse authentic

Travel the wine route from Cap Corse 

It is in the North of Bastia, towards Cap Corse, that the wine road starts! Over 53 kilometres, from Luri to Macinaggio, this itinerary will allow you to discover the vineyards of the AOP Corse Coteaux du Cap Corse and Muscat du Cap Corse. You will love the vines planted on thin terraces on vertiginous grounds punctuating the majestic road of the authentic Cap Corse. The AOP Corse Coteaux du Cap Corse has 5 private cellars spread over 35 hectares, producing wines of great finesse. The reds, structured by the strong sunshine of the terrace cultivation, are typically wines for ageing and the whites, made from the Vermentinu grape variety, reveal a beautiful aromatic elegance, with floral and mineral notes.

The Muscat-du-Cap-Corse AOP focuses on two areas: on the lands of the Coteaux du Cap Corse AOP and in the Nebbiu region, going down from the Cap towards Saint-Florent. The Mediterranean climate, naturally regulated by the sea and winds, offers the Muscat Blanc and Muscat Petits Grains grape varieties optimal development conditions. Muscat-du-Cap-Corse reveals aromas of figs, exotic fruits, nuts, hazelnuts and candied citrus fruits… a delicate and sun-drenched delicacy, classified among the best muscatel in the world!