U Spassimare

U Spassimare, a gentle lane, stretching like a ribbon from the Marina of Toga to the Arinella Beach, offers a beautiful stroll along the seafront of Bastia.

This new development represents an unusual tourist itinerary allowing you to discover :

– the famous Place Saint Nicolas,

– the picturesque Old Port via the Quai des Martyrs, 

– the Aldilonda, a footbridge over the waves offering a breathtaking view, 

– and the Arinella beach, and its water leisure base. 

Quickly adopted by the locals, U Spassimare, welcomes many sportsmen and women who like to meet there by bike (refer to loc bikes), on the run, or in small strides. Walkers enjoy strolling around with family or friends before settling down comfortably on the armchairs and deckchairs that line the route.  

If you are looking for a moment of relaxation, U Spassimare will take you to the Figaghjola beach, a small pebble beach on which the Church of Saint Joseph seems to watch over.  A little preference for sandy beaches, continue our walk to the Arinella beach, equipped with games for children, but also with a nautical base to satisfy your desire for active leisure.




Parking de l’Arinella


Place Saint-Nicolas

 20200 Bastia