Bastia’s gourmet addresses

In Bastia, the specialities are as beautiful as they are good! And above all, they change with the rhythm of the seasons. Delicatessen, Corsican desserts, biscuits, ice cream, wine and liqueurs... do you still want some? Notice to gourmet travellers: it will be impossible for you to remain marbled by the enticing smells emanating from Bastiaises streets. Corsican restaurants, delicatessens, ice-cream shops, biscuits and other shops full of Corsican flavours, discover our best gourmet addresses in Bastia, tested, tasted, approved and re-tasted (for the road)!

Corsican food in Bastia

To discover Corsican cuisine as it should be, some addresses are to be known! Three establishments honour local products in their greatest simplicity, through traditional cuisine where you simply feel at home. On the side of the Market Square, François Fillipini’s U Paisanu boutique restaurant is known for the quality of its products, its warm welcome and its Corsican dishes cooked with passion. You will love the friendliness and kindness of the owner who, from the top of his 70 years of experience, will bend over backwards to make you discover his terroir. A few meters away, in Via Pino, the restaurant Osteria A Scudella is of the same kind: a warm welcome in simplicity, where the key words know-how and know-how find their full meaning in an excellent Corsican family cuisine. It is here that you can discover the Fiadone version grandmother, the calf with olives, and also the famous Casgiu Minatu (We don’t tell you more)!  On the side of the Citadel, the Sampiero restaurant is a great place to discover local specialities cooked with creativity. What we really like is its terrace facing the Bastia Museum, which allows you to eat with your family and let the children play in the dungeon square.

Les meilleures glaces de bastia

If you ask the Bastiais for a good address to enjoy ice cream in Bastia, they will answer you without hesitation “Chez Raugi”! This glacier is an emblematic figure of the city for the variety of its flavours and the quality of its creations: Nuciola, Brocciu-menthe, Canistrelli de Zilia, the famous Micca Nome (test it!)… On the side of Napoleon Street, another artisan-glacier is also one of our favourites: Paoli Gourmet. Its fresh farmhouse Corsican milk ice creams and “full fruit” sorbets are to fall to the ground. They offer a diversity of creative flavours, with a special mention for its Corsican selection: maquis, myrtle, muscat, citron, or honey.

Taste Corsican biscuits and desserts

To taste Corsican biscuits in their purest tradition, a shop has specialized in the domain, Napoleon Street. In Biscutteria, traditional cakes are being updated: canistrelli, cuggiulelle, crunchy, biscuttini, panettes, brioches, migliacci… You will find dozens of specialities in this temple of delicacies that spreads a sweet fragrance in the street! You will also find all these sweets in the delicatessens of the Bastiaises streets, but also every weekend at the traditional market, market square. As for desserts, Bastia’s bakeries and pastry shops compete with each other in their creativity to make you succumb to local specialities based on chestnuts, citron, clementine, Brocciu, lemon… Head towards the Ghisoni-Mariotti pastry shop on  Campinchi street, the Leoncini pastry shop or Chez Mireille on rue des terrasses. This simple little shop is a 100% southern Bastia institution! If you are a choco-addict, take a look at Aline, rue Miot, to enjoy her creations… You will also find her at the Salon of Chocolate and Delights of Corsica organised every year in October in Bastia, alongside many gourmet artisans.

Buy Corsican Cold Meat

Several delicatessens in Bastia offer Corsican cold meat. Each one highlights a selection of farm and AOC products from different island producers. Campinchi Street, like the A Campagna shop, U Muntagnolu Grocery Store is a beautiful place to stroll, smell, taste and buy. Rue Napoléon, the A Volta grocery store also offers a wide range of delicatessen products with the traditional figatelli farmers, Lonzu, Coppa, and sausage. The same is true at Noi, boulevard Paoli, where you can buy carefully selected quality Corsican products. On the Citadel side, it is at Corsica Colis that you will find your happiness: beyond souvenirs, this Corsican product shop offers a wide choice of authentic Corsican delicatessen and terrines.

Find good Corsican cheese

In the heart of the old Bastia districts, an address entirely dedicated to cheeses has opened its doors on  Napoleon Street: A Tinella. This single-product concept store has been emulated by the people of Bastia! This shop is quite simply a dairy offering many types of high-quality cheeses (Corsican, continental, Italian, Swiss… and even American!). Cheese bar, it invites you to enjoy a beautiful selection on the spot, accompanied by bread, wine and even desserts around the cheese.

Déguster des vins et des liqueurs

In Bastia, two shops are the leading example of Corsican wines and liqueurs. L’Empreinte Caviste, street Maréchal Sebastiani is a delicatessen offering refined products, both from Corsica and the continent, but also a cellar with an impressive collection of wines and spirits, with nearly 1500 references. On Square Saint-Nicolas, the Cap Corse Mattei concept store is also a delicatessen highlighting the excellence of Corsican products, but above all the world of the essential Cap Corse Mattei aperitifs and Louis Napoléon Mattei spirits. You can only succumb to the retro decor and the vintage universe of the famous brand. Many events are organized by the two boutiques during workshops and tasting sessions: do not hesitate to consult their program!

Eat on the go / tapas / brunch / snack

On the side of the Market Square, several addresses are available for snacks and quick meals: la Part des Anges, le Bistrot du Marché or the café Les Intimes are places that are very popular with the people of Bastia. All kinds of drinks are served, accompanied by small local delicacies to share: from migliacci to mini-burgers nustrale, not forgetting pizzas made in paese. On weekends, the traditional market gives you the opportunity to meet the producers and taste their local specialities: cheese, delicatessen, migliacci, fresh cheese fritters, canistrelli... This is where you can enjoy a walk and snack! On the Place Saint-Nicolas side, you can stop at the Simple & Chic brewery, which offers brunch on Sunday mornings, with a huge buffet of seasonal Corsican products at will.

Drink a drink

In Bastia, there are many places where it is pleasant to have a drink. Square Saint-Nicolas is one of the favourite places of the Bastiais people, because you can enjoy the shade of the plane trees as much as its lively atmosphere. Café Albert 1er is also a place you love to enjoy these moments of break in all seasons. On the side of the Market Square, the bar l’Idéal is really frequented by city dwellers to have a drink, especially on Sunday mornings, when the traditional market animates the square. Below the old port, the LVP café offers a magnificent view of the pleasure boats and fishing boats: it is really an unbeatable place to have breakfast at the Bastiaise!

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