Far from the hustle and bustle of the great tourist sites at the tip of the island, Cap Corse invites you with your fingertips to an unforgettable trip to the heart of a region with preserved nature and unique heritage.

The singularity of this region which by its very name “Cap Corse“, is a condensed of the authenticity, of the seal of a single region… will leave you like a desire for… CORSE.

The Cap Corse is this piece of land turned towards the sea which shows you the direction to leave to the discovery of a territory charged with history, natural wealth and invaluable heritage… as to decorate your holidays with all kinds of activities.

From sunrise to sunset, take the road from Bastia and let yourself be carried and charmed… let yourself be surrounded by so much beauty with an iodized and sometimes windy taste.

At the bend of a bend, a rock, a beach, a hiking trail, observe landscapes between sea and scrubland, where green and blue merge… where the past catches up with you and reveals you… 

Genoese towers, American houses, churches, chapels, grain mills, picturesque and marine fishing villages, coastal paths.

Get to the bottom of things, look for what lies behind this wild and preserved beauty, this land of sailors whose expression “An island in the island” reflects all that is the CAP CORSE.

Cape Corsica is also the art of living: enjoy a lobster in Centuri, discover the famous vineyards and the Muscat, taste the local production of olive oil, goat’s or sheep’s cheese, cold meats and honey, or simply be enchanted by the warmth and conviviality of its inhabitants. 

Here, everything is nothing but a change of scenery and wonder, the time of a stay rich in encounters and emotions.

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