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The nine hamlets of the municipality are located on the seafront, where Macinaghju's marina extends upward to an altitude of 250 m above sea level.

The Rogliano coast merges almost entirely with the  “sentier des douaniers”(path of the customs officers), a fantastic hiking trail, managed by the Conservatoire du Littoral, which goes all the way to the sandy beach of Tamarone. The beach of the Finocchiarola Islands (opposite the three islands which make up a nature reserve), the site of Santa Maria di a Chiapella, Capandula, the tower of Agnellu and the sandy beach of Barcaghju can all be found along the trail which ends in Centuri.  The visitor will be captivated not only by the very rich religious and civil heritage of the commune but also the vineyards found here where he will be able to taste the succulent Muscat du Cap Corse.


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Rogliano – 20247