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More than a visit, a real invitation

Balcony villages, between tradition and authenticity

You have been charmed by our stroll through the narrow streets of Bastia, intoxicated by its Mediterranean atmosphere, bewitched by its mysterious character… I now invite you to continue our journey to the heart of the peaceful balcony villages nestling on the mountainside. Witnesses of the rural life of the past, these villages are the reflection of a Corsica anchored in its traditions, proud of its history, marked by a past whose vestiges still mark out the hinterland.

Gentle Bastia

Escaping the urban hustle and bustle and all the noise and excitement of the big cities, Bastia is a place that lives and is to be discovered at its own pace – without haste nor jostling – stretching the day out from the early morning, with its warm colours resting upon a bluish horizon, to the evening lights that offer up an entirely different vision of the town.