What to do in Bastia in the summer?

What to do in Bastia in the summer? To feel the sweetness of living in the Bastiaise, there is no better season than summer! At this time, Dolce Farniente takes on its full meaning. Strolling, marvelling at pretty coloured facades, remaking the world on a terrace in the shade of plane trees or escaping to […]

Visit Bastia in springtime

In Spring, Bastia and the surrounding villages offer a completely different landscape. Its nature changes, the maquis operates its moult, is adorned with plants and fragrant flowers, which allow to appreciate the region with a foretaste of a summer holiday. Regional specialities are in tune with the summer season, with delicacies that can only be […]


5 EXCURSIONS AROUND BASTIA Cap Corse, balcony villages, lagoon cordon, archaeological site, wine route or route des sens authentiques… The surroundings of Bastia are dotted with small treasures, which you will love to discover on excursions. There are various tours, guided or free, to allow you to explore the surroundings. Here is our selection “coup […]

Bastia and the island’s know-how

If you love Bastia for its heritage and authenticity, you can only adore it more when you discover the creativity of its young talents. All of them highlight an innovative island know-how, which you can’t help but fall in love with when you go shopping in the city! Creators, craftsmen, designers, they use the raw […]

Bastia’s gourmet addresses

In Bastia, the specialities are as beautiful as they are good! And above all, they change with the rhythm of the seasons. Delicatessen, Corsican desserts, biscuits, ice cream, wine and liqueurs… do you still want some? Notice to gourmet travellers: it will be impossible for you to remain marbled by the enticing smells emanating from […]