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With its tasty terroir and its local producers, the Pays Bastiais is renowned for the quality of its products which mirror rural Corsica and its know-how. A real itinerary to taste the island's flavours and exchange with those men and women who have made quality a line of conduct.

Whether in Bastia or in the surrounding villages, the Pays Bastiais has a wide range of typical products to discover in its local shops and grocery stores, following a route combining crafts and creation. Places of life and exchanges, these shops make discover the products of Corsica and its soil by honouring its local producers.

Made in the villages of the hinterland, its smoked mountain charcuterie with chestnut wood is available in several renowned products: coppa, lonzu, prisuttu, figatellu and salciccia worked by local craftsmen who keep the communes alive from the inside.

Organic vegetables and fruits, sheep’s and goat’s cheeses that bear the mark of the land, are found on traditional markets where products are discovered in a warm and typically Mediterranean atmosphere.

The locals and visitors mingle in the alleys where one meets with pleasure to taste a plate of delicatessen around a local beer or a good vintage and “fà a spesa” (to make its market), and one likes to exchange with the producers.

It is in this same spirit of sharing and conviviality that the “Strada di i Sensi” (Route of the Senses), links 68 producers and craftsmen with the know-how and unique flavours of Cap Corse to Nebbiu. Farmers, breeders, beekeepers, olive growers, brewers, castanéiculteurs, wine growers and market gardeners open the doors of their farms to you to show the fruit of their work. With only one credo: to place the meeting at the center of their artisanal approach to share, beyond even their products, their love of Corsica.

Where to find Corsican products ?

With a single credo: to place the encounter at the centre of their artisanal approach in order to share, beyond their products, their love of Corsica.