Aux alentours de Bastia


Book an excursion by minibus to discover the CAP CORSE. Immerse yourself in its history, its traditions...

The Cap Corse, the island within the island

A turquoise sea, steep slopes, sandy beaches and breathtaking views.

Let yourself be guided and discover the riches of the Cap Corse.

We invite you to understand our heritage, witnessing a history unlike any other!

Formerly called the “Sacred Promontory” by the Romans, the heritage of this mountain in the sea is among the richest in Corsica in terms of heritage but also because of its natural and wild side.

One look at the Finocchiarola islands, the island of the Giraglia, another at this scrubland which intoxicates you with all its perfumes. Its stones bear the imprint of a rich and long history. The history of a medieval era forever inscribed in the ruins of its castles and then in its churches, chapels, mausoleums and convents.

The visitor is already under the spell.