Aux alentours de Bastia

Chemin du Moulin in San Martino di Lota

For all walking enthusiasts looking to enjoy the soothing atmosphere of the Corsican maquis scrublands, this nice walk offers a landscape with the verdant colours of the Mediterranean.

It starts in front of Grisgione Beach (Chiusellu path), where your ascent starts at the «San Martino Village 1h» sign.

Halfway along, a junction offers either the option of heading back to «Licciola» and the coastal town of Miomo with its Genoese tower from the 16th century, or continuing to San Martino village.

Those who reach the village will be rewarded with a beautiful view over the Lota Valley as well as the Tuscan archipelago. Going back down through Grisgione, you can observe endemic species of flora and fauna.

Duration : 1h15      Drop : 250 m     Intensity : Easy