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Aboard its brand new generation of vessels combining comfort, speed and safety, the COLOMBO-LINE takes you to the heart of the SCANDOLA NATURAL RESERVE. Classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this exceptionally rich marine sanctuary is home to many protected terrestrial and underwater species. Under high protection, its visit is only allowed by sea.
You will appreciate the technological prowess of our boats as well as the ability of our captains to sneak through all the meanders, faults and volcanic islets of this magical and beautiful place.
Underwater vision will also delight children of all ages.
Escapade at sea in maxi catamaran or semi-rigid….
From Calvi, discover exceptional sites during your holidays in Corsica.
For those who prefer comfort and relaxation, the COLOMBO LINE also offers excursions aboard its maxi-catamaran “Solana II”, or, for outings in small groups or à la carte, in semi-rigid 12-seater boats: emotions guaranteed: slide into the clear blue of the sky and transparent waters to discover the most beautiful sites on the Corsican coast (with swimming stop)… guaranteed change of scenery. Emotion in semi-rigid: rental with captain, all destinations, water taxi from Calvi – Ile-Rousse and Galeria
Many formulas to choose from for all budgets: day or ½ day, with or without stopover…from 20 € :
Our vessels comply with Division 223b of the Passenger Vessel Code and are therefore subject to regular checks to ensure the safety of passengers and the qualification of flight crews.
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Rescue and towing at sea
Our response vessel at sea, the Orca II, is equipped with adapted equipment to assist a vessel in difficulty and to carry out towing, refloating, cargo transport operations….. in navigation 2nd category.
24/7 permanent monitoring – intervention within one minute of the alert
 Spoken languages: French, English, German, Italian
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