Aux alentours de Bastia

Excursions en 4×4 haute corse

Discovery of the Corsican Cape by the ridges:
You will see some of the most beautiful villages in Corsica. You will cross the ridges without civilization, with breathtaking landscapes. Swimming in a beautiful cove of fine sand. Stop at Nonza, one of the most beautiful villages in France.
Discovery of Niolu, the land of shepherds:
We will cross the Scala di Santa Regina. A magical place where animals are free to roam. Cows donkeys, sheep, goats, and we will feed the pigs.
Breathtaking landscapes, river lakes, forests. The highest mountains in Corsica (Cinto 2710 m). We will have snacks from noon to 2000m above sea level.
Meetings with authentic people in a village café. Finally, swimming in the Golo, the longest river in Corsica.
La Restonica and Corte:
Corte, the capital of Corsica (1h30 stop) Independent under Pascal Paoli from 1755 to 1769. Then the Restonica, one of the most beautiful rivers in Corsica. We will take a chaotic trail to eat in the forest, feet in the water; we will feed the goats in a sheepfold. And for the bravest, swimming in the Restonica.
The Agriates and Saleccia Desert:
This very agricultural region at one time was deserted by its inhabitants because of the fratricidal wars between shepherds and farmers. Hence its current name of Desert des Agriates.
Then, 3 hours of free time on the beaches of Saleccia and Lotu, which are among the most beautiful in Europe.
Return by the Teghime pass. View of 2 seas, the Mediterranean Sea and the Thyrénéenne Sea, and on the magnificent Biguglia pond, formed by alluvium several centuries ago
Rates :
80 euros / pers.
60 euros children -12 years old
Translated with



Hameau de Lavasina



80 euros / pers. 60 euros  enfants -12 ans