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More than a visit, a real invitation


Le Best Western Montecristo est idéalement situé à 900 mètres du Port de Commerce et du centre-ville, des commerces et de l'animation du quartier typiquement méditerranéen du Vieux Port de Bastia.

After a trip back in time to the Genoese citadel, a pedestrian route will allow you to discover the splendours and ancestral streets of the historic centre. The guides will be able to answer questions from the most curious visitors in languages as diverse – depending on the day – as Italian, English, German, Corsican, Spanish, Portuguese and Romanian!

Frequency: 15 April to the end of September and beginning of October.

Departure: Place Saint Nicolas (opposite the Tourist Office)

Duration of the visit: about 45 to 50 minutes

Prices: Tickets on sale at the Tourist Office or with the driver of the little train.

  • Adults 8 euros
  • Children 3.5 euros
  • Group 6.5 euros
  • One way ticket 3.5 euros