Aux alentours de Bastia

Saint Mary’s Chapel

An easy 45-minute walk in the village of Furiani, just south of Bastia...

This charming 45-minutes walk starts in the heights of the village of Furiani. Before starting your walk, you can discover the ancient Genoese fortress that became the «Paoline» Tower in the 18th century. Not far from the central village square surrounded by the houses of notable residents, you’ll notice an ancestral wine press as well as bread ovens.

Going up the main road through the village, the start is indicated by a sign marked «Cappella Santa Maria». On your way, you’ll also see the old washhouse. This served an important social function for the town, where women could meet for a chat. On this hike, you’ll enjoy panoramic views of the Tuscan Archipelago.

Bring a snack so that you can spend a pleasant moment relaxing with family or friends near the chapel dating from the 9th century. The building was classified as a Historic Monument in 1992.

Duration : 1h30      Drop : 100 m    Intensity :  Easy