Route of the senses – Strada di I Sensi

The calm, the pure air, the landscapes, the paths, the scrub... So many reasons to discover Corsica from the inside. But what would this discovery be without meeting those who, in all seasons, by their work and their sense of welcome and sharing, express the soul of the island.

Women and men who have chosen to perpetuate and enhance our ancestral know-how, and who have taken the gamble of aiming for excellence – a gamble that has paid off, judging by the official signs of quality (AOP, IGP or Label rouge) obtained for wines, brocciu, coppa, lonzu, prisuttu, olive oil, honey, chestnut flour, clementine, pomelo, hazelnut, kiwi ; or by the certification processes in progress for cheeses, sausages, onions from Cap-Corse, suckling lamb, goats, oranges, essential oil of immortals.

The Route of the Senses, a showcase for a Corsica that has acquired the status of a gastronomic region, highlights the producers involved in a quality approach, but also the artisans – a craft industry that has been able to combine so well the authenticity of materials, mastery of technique and creativity, with as a flagship product cutlery, but also sculpture, glassware, ceramics, basketry, jewelry … – without forgetting the talent of the lovers of the maquis who knew how to make the best of it by distilling and transforming its aromatic and medicinal wealth.

Today, there are more than 400 members, who, united around a charter of quality, have at heart, throughout the year, to open wide the doors of their farms and workshops. So many men and women who are respectful and proud of their land, happy to share their values, strong in meaning, anchored in a sustainable reality.

Whether it is for gourmet or artisanal purchases, a meal or a stay at the farm, botanical discovery walks, donkey or horse rides…. the visitor will always be welcomed as a privileged guest. A great opportunity to discover the richness of the island’s rural heritage within the eight territories, and to take home a piece of it.

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The 8 territories :
Nebbiu-CapiCorsu, Casinca-Castagniccia-CostaVerde, Centru di Corsica, Corsica Livantina , DuiSevi-DuiSorru-Cruzini-Cinarca, SudCorse, Sartinesi-Valincu-Taravu, Balagna