Clévacances Corsica has 110 owners with 168 furnished rooms and 48 guest rooms. Several other accommodations are in the process of being labelled or renewed (inspection visit every 3 years) by the technician.

The Clévacances label offers 1 to 5 keys according to a quality charter as well as several types of accommodation, the most famous of which are guest rooms with breakfast “house” included (some owners also offer the table d’hôtes service) and furnished rentals (cottages, apartments or individual villas with swimming pool).   There are also “unusual” or recreational dwellings as well as tourist residences. The label also offers several themes: Around Wine, Fishing Destination, Going Green, Welcome to the Farm, etc…

Corsica being by definition a varied region (mountain, sea, rural, seaside, cities, villages of medium and high mountains…) the accommodation offer is also varied at the same time. It corresponds to all expectations of discovery and/or relaxation, cultural, archaeological or sporting.

Whatever your choice, your hosts will be there to help you discover their region, organize your stay and share the “good addresses”.