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Corsica Linea

CORSICA linea CORSICA linea is a Corsican shipping company that provides daily freight and passenger boat connections between Corsica, via the ports of Ajaccio, Bastia, Ile-Rousse and Porto Vecchio, and mainland France, from Marseille. Let yourself be transported by CORSICA linea !

CORSICA linea is a Corsican shipping company founded in 2016, strongly anchored in the territory.

In 2017, the company carried 560,000 passengers.

Travelling with CORSICA linea

Daily crossings are provided between Marseille and Corsica:

– Every other day on the ports of Ajaccio and Bastia

– Three times a week on the ports of ïle-Rousse and Porto Vecchio.

Comfort and services on board

CORSICA linea boats all have equipment and services that allow passengers to enjoy a pleasant crossing:

bars, restaurants, snacks and huts where you can quench your thirst and eat while discovering typical Corsican flavours;

cabins, with or without portholes, offering comfortable bedding, shower and sanitary facilities and television;

relaxation and play areas (depending on the ship): solariums, swimming pools, children’s play area

– practical services (depending on the ship): wi-fi, dispensers, luggage drop-off, kennels for pets…


Passengers will sail on one of the company’s 5 ships, 4 mixed cargo ships and a ferry: the Jean Nicoli, Monte d’Oro, Paglia Orba, Pascal Paoli and Danelle Casanova.

The company’s commitments

On a daily basis, CORSIA linea is committed to its customers:

– respect of schedules;

– customer satisfaction and service;

– daily service to Corsica.

CORSISCA linea, let yourself be transported!



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