Bastia (centre-ville)

Corsica Linea

The shipping company CORSICA linea provides daily freight and passenger connections by boat between Marseille and Corsica, via the ports of Ajaccio, Bastia and Ile-Rousse.

Since the beginning of its history in 2016, CORSICA linea has resolutely set its course on the path of sustainable development. Its commitments are based on 3 pillars – customer satisfaction, energy transition and social commitment.

Travelling with CORSICA linea

There are daily crossings between Marseille and Corsica, at the rate of :

  • One departure every day, to the ports of Bastia and Ajaccio.
  • A departure every two days, for the port of Ile Rousse.


Comfort and services on board

The CORSICA linea boats all have equipment and services to ensure that passengers enjoy their crossing:

  • bars, restaurants, snacks and straw huts to quench their thirst and eat while discovering typical Corsican flavours;
  • private cabins (with or without portholes) equipped with sanitary facilities, toiletries (towels, soap and shampoo) and a television set. They are accessible from the moment of embarkation until the next morning when the ship arrives.
  • Relaxation and play areas (depending on the ship): solariums, swimming pools, renovated children’s play areas, etc.
    Practical services: 100% free entertainment on demand, bed gates to ensure that the little ones stay overnight, vending machines, kennel space for pets, etc…


The CORSICA linea fleet consists of 7 vessels (5 mixed cargo vessels and 2 ferries): the Jean Nicoli, the Paglia Orba, the Pascal Paoli, the Monte d’Oro, the Vizzavona, the Danielle Casanova, the Mediterranean.

CORSICA linea, the true Corsican colour !



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