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Le Best Western Montecristo est idéalement situé à 900 mètres du Port de Commerce et du centre-ville, des commerces et de l'animation du quartier typiquement méditerranéen du Vieux Port de Bastia.

Corsica is a land with a strong cultural identity. To come and visit Corsica without meeting the Corsicans is to miss something.

It means depriving ourselves of the opportunity to understand this people who have occupied this island for at least 10,500 years.

Corsica, as we generally do not know, is a land of megaliths par excellence. More than a hundred statue-menhirs and many dolmens still betray these ancient ones

beliefs…. It is said that Corsica has often been conquered, but never subdued.  This motto is explained by the long history of this land’s martyrdom. Since the earliest antiquity,

Corsica’s geographical position in the heart of the Mediterranean has attracted all kinds of interest.  The greatest powers of the western Mediterranean basin have succeeded each other.

The Etruscans, the Greeks, the Cartaginians, then later the Romans settled there. In the Middle Ages, the Pisans and then the Genoese dominated Corsica for centuries… Until the 13th century and

the arrival in power of Pascal Paoli, who will make independent Corsica the first modern democracy in Europe, attracting the admiration of the philosophers of the Enlightenment.

As late as the 20th century, Corsica surprised the world by becoming, on 4 October 1943, the first department in Europe to free itself from the fascist and Nazi yoke thanks to the uprising of its resistance.

Corsica is also a land of Catholicism borrowed… paganism! Where to heal people of various ills we do not hesitate to recite mysterious Catholic prayers by dropping

oil on a plate…. Deep and eternal Corsica is also the Corsica of the Mazzeri. These characters are “called” in a dream and go hunting at night.  When they kill their game, by killing it

returning, they see the head of a villager who will die within the year…. It is believed that they have access to a parallel world in which they kill the person’s soul during the hunt.

Without his soul the person withers and dies… Traditional Corsica is also a bandit, but not like the others. Ours are honorary bandits who kill to respect

the terrible laws of vendetta… With Kurnos, you will discover this historical and mysterious Corsica which, over the millennia, has forged a character so particular to the inhabitants of this island.

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