Bastia (centre-ville)

Marina of Macinaggio

Macinaggio, which owes its name to its windmills, is the largest port in Cap Corse

It has been very active since antiquity, the Romans used it as a military port. Capturing the wind of the 1970s, when the state encouraged the creation of marinas, Macinaggio planted its flag at the top of Cape Town.

Port Master: Mr Jean Paul Caselli
Languages spoken: French-English-Italian
Opening hours:
Winter: 8am – 12pm Monday to Friday, Saturday 8am – 12pm
Summer: non stop from 7am – 9pm

Safety and security
Marine weather (tel): +33 495 350 496
Maritime Affairs (tel): +33 495 328 460
Gendarmerie (tel): +33 495 350 453
VHF channel: 9