The Traditional Gardens of Cap Corse, created in 1994 in Luri, have succeeded in less than 20 years to find, list and restore varieties of vegetables and fruit trees specific to Cap Corse that were, until then, on the verge of extinction.

Six people work there every day on three hectares of land. At the heart of these spaces open to the public, the association cultivates, for example,”a cipolla capicursina” (the sweet onion of Sisco once exported), the aubergine of Cape Town and the tomato “Marie-Crescioni”… In all, more than 100 varieties of fruitS and 25 vegetables have been revived. These are sold exclusively to members of the Cape Verde association (25 € per year contribution in 2012). There is also a collection of 300 fruit trees representing about a hundred varieties.

The Traditional Gardens of Cap Corse also organize themed walks and guided tours. In 2012, a new family circuit was set up. It is addressed to the youngest visitors with a questionnaire and puzzles to solve. Visitors are invited to follow a discovery trail that takes them from the vegetable garden to the wheat area, passing through the olive grove, the apple and fig orchard, not forgetting the exhibition area dedicated to the botanist Marcelle Conrad. Two landscaped areas, the “fiesta garden” and the “garden in the forest”, bring together several of the typical Mediterranean shrub species. A new shop “Cape Verde” proposes the tasting and sale a range of local products (condiments and jams) processed on the spot.



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