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What to do in Bastia in autumn?

As you wander through its narrow streets, Bastia reveals itself as a multi-faceted place that gives an impression of elsewhere. Discover the pearls of its heritage, go for a walk in the mountains, immerse yourself in the land to taste the flavours of a typical gastronomy... in autumn, the Bastia region offers a whole range of excursions and events to escape and succumb to letting go. A real invitation to travel...

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An immersion in the heart of a land

An immersion in history

Looking for an immersion in the heart of a land of character? Don’t hesitate: you’ve come to the right place. Through its maze of cobbled streets, overlooked by buildings with sublime coloured facades that sometimes remind you of Tuscany, Bastia reveals itself like an elegant canvas of impressions. Let yourself be guided by the picturesque hustle and bustle of the old town centre, which reveals, at the turn of its squares and plane tree-lined esplanades, the authenticity of a Mediterranean agora. From the citadel to Place Saint-Nicolas, via the Old Port, Rue Napoléon dotted with trendy shops and the lively Market district, these places of Bastia’s life are all essential stops for a shopping break, a family lunch in the sun or an aperitif with friends on the terrace.

A life-size excursion

A sanctuary between sea and mountains

Fancy a full-scale excursion to explore Corsica in a different way? Bastia and its region have everything you need to organise your own autumn escape!

Nestled on the mountainside, the peaceful balcony villages rustle gently, cocoons of tradition and preserved landscapes. Their ovens, wash houses and fountains from the past are still standing, bearers of an ancient charm, vestiges of a rural past and eternal witnesses of stone.

From the nature reserve of the Chjurlinu pond to the Cap Corse and Agriate Natural Marine Park, the territory reveals sanctuaries of nature that are unique in the Mediterranean. These marvellously preserved areas offer a multitude of routes to discover the natural treasures of the island, along a coastline dotted with secret coves.

In the shade of a Genoese tower, with your feet in the crystal-clear water and your nose in the iodine-laden wind, all you have to do is appreciate the gentleness of a preserved nature, always in harmony with the built-up traces of a distant past that awakens the imagination.

Boat trips along the shore, diving trips with friends, sea shuttle or kayak trips… there are plenty of opportunities to cast off and let yourself be tempted by a moment of letting go. So much for the daring who are tempted to take to the sea!

Those who like a romantic stroll can always opt for a relaxing moment on the Aldilonda. Built flush with the water under the ramparts of the Citadel of Bastia, this real balcony on the sea reflects the maritime identity of the city. Behind the cove of the Old-Port, this gentle aerial path offers an unparalleled panorama of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Tuscan archipelago. The ideal place to breathe deeply and meditate for a moment, lulled by the sea air, in front of the incessant ballet of ships.

Discover the pearls of its heritage, go for a walk in the mountains, immerse yourself in the land to taste the flavours of a typical gastronomy...
Rural and authentic Corsica

A route of the senses in the heart of the land

In the Bastia hinterland, open the doors to this rural and authentic Corsica, discovering the vineyards, in contact with farmers who are passionate about their land. On the menu: sweet and complex wines tasted around a charcuterie platter on the sublime slopes of Cap Corse or in the renowned vineyards of the listed site of Patrimoniu. On their farms, the winegrowers will help you discover their endemic grape varieties and their work on the land which have made the reputation of the three appellations of the territory. So many characteristics that can be discovered during an aperitif in the heart of the sun-drenched valleys, as well as on the most beautiful tables in the Bastia region. It is difficult to resist the temptation of a meal washed down with a good vintage in the small harbour shelters where the local fishing cuisine rivals inventiveness. The gastronomy is not to be outdone! On the Sunday markets, where all the splendour of the island’s gastronomy is on display, in the stalls or delicatessens, the craftsmen are the guarantors of ancestral culinary traditions with enchanting flavours. On their stalls, goat’s or sheep’s cheese takes its place alongside mountain delicatessen and seafood specialities which embody this island know-how. Let yourself be tempted by a stop in the delicatessens, where salted meats, terrines and prisutti take pride of place, to discover the sweet flavours of the land, from the island’s honey factories, distilleries and breweries. The greediest will not remain hungry! In October, Bastia welcomes more than a hundred exhibitors and craftsmen on the Place Saint-Nicolas for the Salon du Chocolat et des Delices de Corse, which in a few years has become one of the most popular in France. A highlight of Bastia’s autumn which invites you to discover the know-how of master chocolate makers from Corsica and the whole world. To be consumed without moderation…