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Scala Santa chapel

Away from the city, nestled in the Bastia countryside, on the heights of Bastia, the Notre-dame de Monserato chapel, founded in the 15th century, contains a rare historical monument: a "scala santa" or holy staircase which recalls the passion of Christ.

This relic, which few monuments in the world can boast of possessing, was granted to the people of Bastia in 1816 by Pope Pius Vii for their help to the religious exiled in Corsica during the Concordat. according to Christian tradition, a particular indulgence is attached to these velvet-covered holy stairs: the faithful who climb them on their knees with contrition are absolved of all their sins. a place of faith steeped in history and not to be missed, to be visited on foot, just a few minutes’ walk from the town centre.




Scala santa
73 Chemin de Scala Santa, 20200 Bastia