Far from the hustle and bustle of the overcrowded beaches of the great island tourist spots, the coastline of the Pays Bastiais offers in a particularly preserved environment: bays, isolated coves, heavenly beaches, small coves of pebbles and rocks or stretches of white sand meander along the coastline, bathed by the waves of a crystal-clear sea... all compete in beauty, colour and authenticity.

From Bastia, to Cap Corse, passing through the Agriates desert, the Pays Bastiais, which stretches along 150 kilometres of coastline, is home to the Cap Corse Marine Natural Park, the largest in metropolitan France: 85 identified bottlenose dolphins, 236 species of birds, hectares of coralligenous atolls, swordfish, lobsters and crayfish… a veritable natural jewel at the gates of Bastia.

Cap Corse, nicknamed the Island in the Island, is one of the most beautiful beaches in the region: with sand or pebbles, these beaches punctuate the coastline dotted with Genoese towers, are accessible by paths that cross the maquis and reveal themselves as small paradises for diving enthusiasts or lovers of idleness. Like the small discrete coves inserted into the rocks, they shape the landscapes of the east and the tip of Cape Corsica and offer a tranquility that has deserted places of high frequentation.

Hidden in the heart of the Agriate desert, between the Conca d’Oru and the Balagne, immense paradisiac beaches are deserved at the cost of a few efforts, across the customs path, for the most skilled walkers  in an adventurous way hiking aboard 4×4 or at a less sporting pace but just as pleasant by taking the sea shuttles from the port of Saint Florent.

To the south of Bastia, the lagoon cordon offers vast expanses of sand, some equipped with some of the most dynamic water sports centres and bases on the island: sailing, diving, water-skiing, jet-skiing, sea kayaking, paddle… Enough to offer the most sporty a privileged playground where pleasure and relaxation combine to rhythm a day with family or friends.

Near Bastia, easily accessible by bus or on foot, very pleasant beaches allow holidaymakers without vehicles to enjoy the pleasures of swimming.


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