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Souvenirs and Handcrafts

Extend your holidays in Corsica you dream of it... but all good things have an end. To keep your memories of your trip on the Isle of Beauty longer, and share them with your family, friends and colleagues, why not choose from the many gift ideas offered by the shops along the narrow streets of Bastia.

From the souvenir shop offering t-shirts, caps, key rings, placemats, magnets and other products bearing the Corsica stamp or the famous Moor’s head.

In the workshops and concept store where original and sometimes unique pieces made by island artists and creators are exhibited: jewellery, coral, precious stones, eye of Saint Lucia, pockets, handbags, decorative objects made of driftwood, pottery, glassware, scents, perfumed candles, clothing.

No doubt you will find the perfect gift for every member of your small tribe. As you stroll through the old town centre, take the time to push the doors of these small shops, which are full of craft products, souvenirs with often offbeat humour, and original creations created and designed by local artisans.

These shops and workshops open onto a world of beauty and well-being perfumed with the scents of Corsica. The products they offer testify to the creativity of Corsican artists and craftsmen and highlight local craftsmanship in all its forms: glassware, cutlery, violin making, traditional pottery…

To bring back a souvenir

Real showcases for these craftsmen and their know-how, who strive to make quality and uniqueness their watchwords.