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Activities & Leisures

A wide range of water sports and outdoor activities

Nature lovers, sports enthusiasts of all kinds, or simply curious to discover new sensations, for you, holidays are also the perfect opportunity to indulge in already familiar activities or to initiate you to the practice of sports that your daily life cannot offer you.

Between the sea and the mountains

Between the sea and the mountains, the Pays Bastiais, dotted with seaside resorts and hiking trails, offers a wide range of water sports and outdoor activities to be enjoyed without moderation in a particularly protected environment, especially in the heart of the Cap Corse marine nature park, the largest in mainland France. Diving, sea walks, paddle hire, sailing, hiking, horse riding or 4× many leisure activities as opportunities to move to the rhythm of your desires and fill up with emotion.

To recharge your batteries for a family day or go on an adventure with friends, Bastia and its hinterland offer something for everyone. With its multitude of seaside resorts, hiking trails and sports facilities, the Pays Bastiais offers a wide range of water sports and outdoor activities to keep its guests entertained.

Its beaches with their crystal clear waters and shady pine forests will delight the most daring who wish to practice the art of sailing, challenge the waves on a jet ski, escape on a kayak or paddle, or go diving with friends. South of Bastia, the Arinella beach, with its dynamic nautical base, offers a multitude of activities on its sandy beach, as well as a water playground for children.

On the land side, the adventurous also have plenty to do: horseback riding, 4X4 rides, parachute jumps, bike rides, walking on steep mountain paths through the maquis and other colourful activities.