Genoese fortress

Just south of the city, the village of Furiani, overlooks the Chiurlinu pond...

Protected by an ancient ruined Genoese fortress, its old houses with high facades and beautiful vaults rise above the terraced crops.

45 minutes north-west of the village, you can reach a Romanesque chapel built in the 12th century: the Santa Maria Assunta chapel (9th-10th century). This village underwent considerable economic expansion in 1920 with the authorization of tobacco-free cultivation and the installation of the Job-Bastos factory, which has since become MACOTAB. The brewery PIETRA, the establishment of the brewery can be visited by reservation on

Situated on the plain, the Armand Césari Stadium is home to the biggest football teams. Theater of the tragedy of 5 May 1992, a stone commemorates the event.

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