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Saint Marie cathedral

Dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin, the cathedral was built from 1604 until 1619. It shelters an extraordinary processional statue of the silver Virgin dated from 1852.

This work of art can be admired in a niche situated to the right upon entering the sanctuary. It is carried during the procession in the streets of the city every 15th of August. The original decoration, widely enriched in the 19th century, is absolutely splendid. Old Master paintings, marble and wooden polychrome statues and stuccos decorate the ancient cathedral, a real jewel set in the Citadel. Notice how from the vault across the choir the curiously suspended ceremonial hats of the bishops inhumed in the crypt of the sanctuary. The large statue of the Assumption of the Virgin (19th century) made of machéd cardboard is placed over the high altar measures 8,5 feet high!




Cathédrale Sainte-Marie de Bastia
12 Rue Notre Dame, 20200 Bastia