Bastia and the island’s know-how

If you love Bastia for its heritage and authenticity, you can only adore it more when you discover the creativity of its young talents. All of them highlight an innovative island know-how, which you can't help but fall in love with when you go shopping in the city! Creators, craftsmen, designers, they use the raw materials of the Isle of Beauty, combining tradition and modernity. Meet them, and feel the passion that comes from their workshops in the old centre of Bastia.

The jewels

From Terra Vecchia to Terra Nova, take the time to meet these Corsican women, creative and passionate, who have combined the richness of their region with the influences of their travels. They will all tell you in their own way: to create their jewelry collections, they draw their inspiration from their origins, their travels, from Corsican popular expressions, the art of living “à la Corse” and of course the magic of materials. You will find in their pretty shops message bracelets, good luck charms to offer (or to offer yourself!), and costume jewellery that breathes the sun. They clearly have one thing in common: they know how to enhance our tanned skins with their refined collections!

Bags and leather goods

They revisit the traditional Corsican shepherd’s bag, redesign the shapes by combining materials, they handle the skins like no one else… they are the creators in leather goods! You will see, their workshops smell divinely good leather (which in passing, is a sign of quality in leather goods). You will love these transformations of the material into sandals, belts, or bags. As for fabric pockets and linen bags, you won’t be disappointed with these Corsican artists, who have thought of us to store all our everyday accessories in a chic or casual style.

The fashion

On the fashion side, Corsican designers have a little something extra! Just by wearing their clothes, you feel like a holiday… From the designer to the couturier, they make ready-to-wear but also tailor-made clothes for our greatest pleasure. From the simple tank top to the exceptional dress, you will find in the alleys of old Bastia styles full of passion for the Isle of Beauty.  From the Atelier Couture to Karma Koma’s flowing drapes, Elisa Di Giò’s silk drawings and t-shirts to island messages, your stay in Corsica is the perfect opportunity to live “in the Bastiaise style”!

A dedicated event: Creazione, the Mediterranean Fashion and Design Festival

If you like fashion, design and the world of creation in general, then come to Bastia in June! Every year, the Creazione Fashion and Design Festival brings together more than 70 designers and artists from all over Corsica. For three days, they will present their collections, works and creations at the Bastia History Museum, in a summer atmosphere with a “fashion week” spirit. We go out, we discover, we exchange, we dress in our most beautiful dresses and summer costumes… it’s So chic, So glamorous, it’s Creazione!

Cosmetic products

When the Isle of Beauty makes us more beautiful… That’s really what it feels like when you discover the cosmetics of these creative women. Through their products, they reveal all the authenticity of Corsica and respect for a wild and fragile nature. They are called Imiza, Solyvia or Casanera… these brands have developed a complete range of cosmetics and perfumes with more than bewitching Mediterranean notes. Immortal, Cervioni hazelnut, AOC olive oil, mimosa, rosemary… it’s more than just a Corsican perfume that you’ll bring back in your suitcases!

Art and design

They are said to be half creators, half craftsmen, because they have specialized in fields as rich as they are varied: interior decoration, cutlery, children’s accessories, unusual lamps, creative recycling, and even furniture… All reveal an unlimited creativity visible in their respective showrooms or in Bastia’s artist-in-residence shops. The Gloria concept store on  Cesar Campinchi Street is a real favorite for its initiative, because it had the excellent idea to bring together in one place the works of many island creators. Go ahead, it’s an Ali Baba cave, where Marcè Lepidi’s paintings rub shoulders with Loupiotte Design’s unusual lighting fixtures, and the often unique pieces of the designer Water Cat, which magnify the wood.

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