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Children leisure park

Because holidays are also an opportunity to get together as a family, and to offer your children or grandchildren moments of laughter, fun and distraction.

In the open air, with their feet in the water, or indoors, the many activities on offer are the ideal recipe for children to let off steam, climb and slide in complete safety. A moment of relaxation for parents who are delighted to share moments of play and complicity with their children… and why not return to childhood for a day.

A successful family outing

Whether you are on holiday in the Bastia region, or you are hosting your grandchildren for a few days, think about diversifying their activities and offer them a successful family outing to a leisure park.

These “mini-temples” of entertainment offer an ideal playground for children and allow them to enjoy moments of laughter, fun and relaxation as a family. Adventure courses, water games, turnstiles… in the open air or under cover, amusement parks offer a wide range of activities to delight the little ones and satisfy the older ones.

Do your children prefer the pleasures of sliding? Don’t worry, the slides and inflatables are made for them. Do they like to jump around? Trampolines and small logs will allow them to feel like little kangaroos. Others prefer to splash around in the water to protect themselves from the heat of the summer? The pools and water games are there for that.