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What to do in Bastia in spring?

With spring emerging everywhere and the sun now higher up, Bastia has many beautiful days ahead. The hours are stretched out to give you plenty of time to savour its jewels. Go out and see !

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Bastia tells its own story and contemplates itself

From sunrise to sunset, the city shines, each street, each place, each building, adding its touch to a whole world of art and history…

In spring, Bastia tells its own story and contemplates itself. A pampered heiress, it takes on the appearance of a postcard everywhere. The architecture of its colourful Tuscan-style facades, the charm of its old town centre and the richness of its religious heritage make it a prime candidate for the title of European Capital of Culture. Pushing open the doors of its churches, walking through its narrow streets, climbing up to the upper town, is like browsing through one of those beautiful books to be leafed through slowly in order to soak up the images and learn. Each district, a real village within the city, has its own life and customs. And the former capital of Corsica also follows the course of the water, which it skirts as much as it overhangs, without forgetting to lead you to the places of culture.  From the green theatre to the covered stages, from the media library to the science centre, from the museum to the fairs, Bastia is bubbling!


A hike in Bastia's territory

At this time of year, the weather is particularly suitable for a walk in Bastia. Put on your trainers to climb the Cap Corsine peaks, cross the villages to the south and north or caress the sea spray…

Stroll through the hinterland

Typical, with character? Just a stone’s throw from Bastia, the medieval village of Furiani, with its square tower, its Romanesque chapel and its cobbled streets, is full of them. For a walk, don’t forget the town of Pietrabugno and its labelled heritage trails, winding between nature and the heritage of the past, including the very baroque church of Sainte Lucie with its masterly treasures. From pebbles to oak groves, the classified lands of San Martino di Lota, dotted with palazzi, these sumptuous houses of Cape Corsicans who left for the Americas to make their fortune, can also be gently walked. Just like the shepherds’ paths of Santa Maria di Lota, a real religious sanctuary. These will take you from the intimate and charming seaside resort of Miomu to Cimone, at an altitude of some 1200 metres!

Taste the sea salt

The good news is that the sea excursions around Cap Corse and to the heavenly beaches of the Agriate start in spring. And at the same time, a whole range of water sports becomes accessible: sailing, diving, paddle, kayaking, skiing… From the lagoon or the Cap Corse creeks, choose your iodine activity!

In spring, Bastia tells its own story and contemplates it.


The Corsicans and their traditions

Easter is coming! Rendezvous with the Corsicans and their traditions, mixed with popular beliefs and spectacular pagan rites.

At the heart of the sacred

As Holy Week approaches, the people of Bastia are busy weaving palms and protective branches which will then be distributed to their families at the same time as the famous campanile, crown-shaped buns topped with a hard-boiled egg and only made at this time by all the island’s bakeries. For their part, the brotherhoods are preparing to mark the high point of Good Friday. These communities, formed throughout Corsica in the spirit of Saint Francis of Assisi, each with its own dress code, territory and identity, will guide the island’s most eagerly awaited ritual walks: the Granitula (in the shape of a shell) and the Catenacciu, named after this chained penitent who, moved by secret wishes, chose to retrace the path of Christ’s ascent to Calvary under the cloak of dawn. A must-see at the beginning of Cap Corse as well as in the Bastia town centre!


Time to get back in touch with ice cream

It’s time to get back in touch with the island’s flavours and farm milk ice creams! Among other delights…

At the table or to go

In their pretty cups with the flavours of myrtle, lemon, clementine, chestnut or honey, the artisan ice-cream makers of Bastia know how to make good things last. Don’t wait for summer to find them! As for the town’s delicatessens and traditional restaurants, gastronomic excellence remains king in a timeless fashion: veal with olives and other dishes from our grandmothers, matured prizuttu, well-preserved Corsican tomatoes and the unavoidable canistrelli (sweet biscuits)… Not forgetting brocciu and fresh cheese, in season until mid-April. This will give you the chance to taste storzapreti (dish in sauce), migliacci (savoury preparations) and other local fiadone (typical pastries)!

Straight to the point

As for the producers, they meet on the market square at the weekend, around well-stocked stands where you can discover, among other specialities, anchovies à la bastiaise. And since we are talking about fish, remember that when the weather is good, the fishermen will be pleased to offer you a piece of the sea: lobster, crayfish and mussels, or even sea urchins, to be tasted until April 15th and to be accompanied by a good wine chosen from one of the wine merchants of the town!